How to Talk So People Will Listen: Protect Your Message!

Protecting Your Message

I dropped my phone the other day … the screen shattered immediately. But, fortunately, it was only the protector that shattered. The phone screen itself was fine. Those screen protectors really work!

Screen protectors are really necessary to protect your smart phone investment.

And that reminded me … when it comes to communication, our message is critical. It MUST be protected so it is heard clearly, accurately, and relevantly. Those three elements, clarity, accuracy, and relevancy, are essential.

  • When we speak with clarity, we are more easily understood. I heard a great piece of advice years ago: “Don’t make your audience work.” They shouldn’t have to work hard to understand what you mean. Say it – and say it clearly so they will understand.
  • When we speak with accuracy, our message will be on target. It won’t be subject to misinterpretation. Check your facts and figures. State them accurately, in such a way that they won’t be subject to misinterpretation.
  • When we speak with relevance, we show our audience how the message is important to them. Relevance answers questions your audience is asking, such as, “Why should I listen?” “Why do I need this?” “What will this do for me?”

Your message is critical. Protect it. Speak clearly, accurately, and relevantly!

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