How to Talk So People Will Listen #1 – Ten Benefits of Effective Communication

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Today marks the beginning of a new series on communication. I am entitling it “How to Talk So People Will Listen,” because that’s what I want you to be able to do.

I was speaking recently at a meeting of CEOs in West Virginia. I asked them, “What will communication do for you? Why is it so important?” Here are ten reasons we identified…

  1. Effective communication can bring about change. When you communicate properly, you can motivate people to change direction and be more effective. It will persuade people to act. I define persuasion as “moving people to action after proper reflection.” Effective communication will accomplish that.
  2. Targeted communication will help you recruit talent. As you share your vision for your company, your passion will come through. Telling your story will act as a talent magnet, drawing others to your cause
  3. Healthy communication will help you understand and be understood. Communication is always a two-way street, between the presenter and the audience. Your goal is to understand their needs and concerns, and to craft a message so they will hear and respond properly.
  4. Compelling communication can increase sales. Sales is all about connecting with your customer. And that requires robust communication that speaks to the needs of your customers in a clear, accurate and relevant way.
  5.  Captivating communication educates, inspires and motivates. Teachers change lives when they communicate effectively. So do business leaders. They change the landscape of the competition.
  6. Gripping communication moves your organization toward excellence. It motivates your team to know what they are to do and to do it with excellence.
  7. Truthful communication develops leaders. It shows them what they are capable of and develops them into all they can be.
  8. Personal communication allows you to share your heart. And when your team knows your heart, they will follow.
  9. Convincing communication confronts, changes and corrects. It brings about necessary alterations and corrections. It marks the way forward and brings people on board to accomplish the vision and mission.
  10. Persuasive communication advances your career. Do you want to excel professionally? Learn to communicate effectively. Professionals who persuade people rise faster than their peers.

In future articles, we’ll look at how to develop as an effective communicator and to talk so people will listen.


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